Is there a Flytouch ROM which just runs stock Android 1.6?


Jan 21, 2011
I'm wondering if the tablet would run a lot faster if it just ran Android 1.6 without all the extra applications that come with it.
Has anyone made a ROM for Flytouch that just runs plain Android? Or does the hardware configuration of the Flytouch make it necessary to use the applications that come with the ROM?
I'm running MDX on it, it's running better than the original, I'm just wondering if I can delete all the stock programs and install my own from the Android Marketplace (which works perfectly, thanks!)
I know the CPU isn't the best, but my girlfriend has a Acer Liquid E running Android 2.1 which runs very well. It has a similar CPU frequency and the same amount of RAM.
So is there a clean ROM that runs Android 1.6 with no Flytouch apps?
Thanks for any help :)


Oct 26, 2010
Hi Mister, there is no such rom that I'm aware of. What you could do is download firmware for your device, test that on your device, mod that firmware (it isn't that hard!) and flash it again, there are detailed descriptions on my site about how to remove softwarepackages from firmware if you want.