Is there a way to search within our own Huawei forum for answers to our questions?


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Dec 8, 2010
I tried to search for battery issues and got results for the whole android forum. Is there a search feature that filters searches from within the Huawei forum? If there is I can't seem to find it.

So if this was covered already I apologize in advance.

My question is-does leaving a sim card in the tablet use battery power even if the phone is not used? I have been leaving out my sim card (t-mobile extra) thinking that it saves battery power. (I don't use it as my main cell phone.) It makes sense to me, but maybe in practical terms it doesn't draw power. Or is it negligible? Thanks for any replies on this curious question.
Having the sim in the phone shouldn't increase the drain.

As far as search, it is a little hidden, but if you at the line just above the green bar of a thread, or of a post you will see the Search Thread or Search Forum option that will restrict your search to just that section.

So without reading pages of posts there is really no way of knowing if a question has been asked or not within a specific forum? I'm just trying to avoid myself and others of re-asking the same types of questions. I know this a major complaint that people don't do their homework. The thread headers only give a general topic. If someone has gone off topic and asked a really good question, is there no way of tracking it? Again just curious. And thanks for your answer Peter. I'll put my sim back in!
The forum level search includes sub-forums in the search. It will find word matches, and this is also why I keep adding tags to posts.
Click on Advanced Search and click on the tab that says search single content or something like that. You have an option to select the sub forums there.
As far as your battery question is concerned just make sure you are in airplane mode and the phone radio will be off therefore consuming no battery.

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Thanks for all your input. I'll try to remember to tag all my posts too. I'll try several search options and see what happens and where they lead. We have a big storm coming in and my tv projector light blew up. Can't get it fixed till thur. so i'll be a little bored. Shoveling snow or computer time? Not a hard choice. LOL.. TV addict here (more for company than content!).