Is this a real APAD


Aug 26, 2010
I have a great (only $ 118.15!) Even without the snipe that
EKEN M001 Mini APad Notebook 7 Inch WiFi Gravity Sensor White China Wholesale - **************
I got it yesterday and the seller sent me an email saying it was sent
(No tracking # So, fingers crossed). I would love to find some firmware updates to bring it to at least 1.6.
Still excited to get it and play with it - at least until a 10-inch version comes out;:)


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Aug 6, 2010
Yes it is one of the many flavors of APad. APad is a loosely defined brand mark. The EKEN brand is one of the VIA 8505 Chipsets Tablets.
It would not be difficult to learn about Android with this unit as you prepare for a quality 10 inch version. Do not be shocked or frustrated by the performance or some missing features. These can easily be remedied. Read about it on some of the other threads.

Best of luck