Kindly help me... top urgent


Mar 1, 2012
i need urgent help please...

i have my manager tablet its a chinese one first of all i turned it on and it stop at the green guy then i searched over net to find any solution and i found alot of firmware (while i dont know its model ) i download alot of them then i started to put one by one at my SD card then put it at tablet then open it... nothin happen till i faced one of them after i put it at sd card and insert it i opened tablet nd th green guy disappear after that i don know what to do.... NO GREEN GUY NOTHING JUST A BLACK SCREEN.

at the first everytimy i open it i found the word WM2.1.2 down at the right corner and at the back only the word ( MID ) 9.7"

please help me
Hi Beso,

Normally there is a reset button on the Tablets. You have to look for a small hole where you can put in a small needle.

That will reset the tablet back to the factory settings. If this doesn’t help try 911 :rolleyes: