kyros 4gb


Dec 26, 2010
after the marketplace/rooting can you use a flash drive? or do you have to use the sd for videos and such? would be really convenient if i could plug in a massive flash drive with movies for going on trips and such. also if it does, this might be the one i get. any luck with 2.2 on these?
Hey Squat,

No luck with Android 2.2 yet. I've seen some remarks on different forums about new Roms being developed which include the upgrade- but those will need to be installed through more advanced methods when they are available. Nothing as of yet.

To answer your main question, yes the Kyros will recognize certain USB thumb drives. So far the compatible device list appears to be completely random and there is no supported list anywhere to check. I have several USB thumb drives- more specifically a Patriot 4GB, a Plexar 1GB and various others. For now my Plexar 1GB plugs into the adapter and the device recognizes the drive fine. My 4GB drive on the other hand is not recognized- but it does light up indicating the Kyros device is providing it with power. Seeing as thumb drives these days are quite cheap, I don't necessarily think its a serious problem.

Yes, you could pop in a thumb drive with movies on it for long trips and watch them on the device. You will need to install a file manager app from either the market or AppsLib, so that you can browse the directories on the flash drive (there is no native file browser app). If you happen to have a drive that the device doesn't support, run to a local compusa or walmart and snatch a new 4GB flash drive for like ten bucks. No big deal.