Kyros 7015 screen doesn't seem responsive, help?


Jan 20, 2011
Hi all,

This device is my first attempt to play with Android, so please bear with me.

The screen feels fairly unresponsive, or possibly the CPU is just always overloaded, but when I try to do something like flick through the settings, it either doesn't scroll, or will scroll oddly after a delay.

Scrolling in the browser is delayed too, even on small mobile-optimized sites. I click and slide and it's maybe up to a second before the screen starts to scroll.

That's fine if this device is just underpowered, I'm just curious if there are any tricks I can do to speed things up. Are there any services I should turn off? I've disabled the live wallpapers and the window animations, and that seemed to help a bit.

I've applied the Coby update but nothing else so far.

Thanks for any tips!
go into setting --> applications -->running apps and you can kill some process's in there by selecting which ones and then stopping them.
also try and download adavnced task killer and ADW launcher after messing around with the ADW luancher settings you might be able to speed it up too.

I seen posts of people saying never again for a resistive touch screen, capacitive is the only way to go.
My next tablet I will be shopping for capacitive only.
I don't care for this tablet's touch screen.
That said I'm still a very happy Coby customer.
Download "CPUtuner", put it in "performance mode" - should help some. If you are rooted, use auto killer to free up a bit more memory. I use ZEAM launcher as it's the lightest/quickest of the bunch I've seen. Don't use a living wallpaper as it will definitely slow it down. Have you used up most of the nand memory? Could be an issue. We bought 3 of these for our kids for christmas - one of the three has definite lag/lockup issues. I'm pretty familiar with tweaking android based devices out, but can't seem to get the slower one to speed up much. These units do and can have some lag however - just what they are for $149.00. Overall, for the kids, and the thousands of free games/apps, they have been a big hit.