Mini Bluetooth Keyboard


Dec 6, 2010
I have just received this Mini (about the size of a mobile phone)
bluetooth keyboard from Amazon. £14.78

Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad/iPhone 4.0 OS/Android/Window Mobile/Symbian smartphone: Computers & Accessories

It works perfectly with my Archos 101 and should work with any
android device with bluetooth.

It works with the android keyboard or swiftkey selected as the
input method.

To pair it with the archos, go to settings/wireless and network/bluetooth
settings, scan for new devices. click the new device that pops up in the list,
press the pair button on the keyboard and when prompted on the archos to
type in a pin (0000, 1234 or any pin of your choice), put in the pin on the
archos and click ok, then type the same pin on the keyboard and press return/enter.

I can now use this and a wireless mouse together when the archos is connected to
my TV or monitor via HDMI, (or just when the archos is propped up on the desk).

Its plasticy and has rubber keys like an old school calculator, but its very light and
compact, I think its definately worth £14.78. It comes with a mini CD with a manual
on it, a faux leather sleeve and a micro usb to usb power cable to charge the battery
and it also includes a fold out stand for your tablet/phone which is actually quite good., I am just please with it, and a bit surprised that it
works so well to be honest for a £14 keyboard.

I have posted the same review on archosfans and android forums,
hopefully it will help out some people looking for a cheap bluetooth
keyboard for their archos.
I had a problem with getting my Riitek mini keyboard to connect via Bluetooth and thanks to CarsnGadgets I've now got it working including the built in touch pad and mouse keys. :D
I bought that and tried synchronizing it to my archos 70 tablet, but it wouldn't sync for some reason. However it did sync with my windows mobile phone easily. I ended up selling it. Slick device though.

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