Limited availability of Transformer Prime

Tom T

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Feb 18, 2011
It seems Amazon is cancelling some pre-orders for the Prime, specifically orders placed on or after November 22nd, citeing supply shortages and greater interest in the device than originally estimated. Not sure if this means Amazon under ordered or Asus didn't produce enough to meet demand. I remember the trouble getiing your hands on the original Transformer, I believe they were producing about 200,000 per month, and the rumours that Asus was intentionally causing short supply in order to create the perception that the Tablet was just so popular they couldn't keep up with demand. Fortunately (?) for me I'm not yet in a position to purchase one, but hopefully one will be available to me when I am.

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I pre-ordered a couple of the 64gb versions from TigerDirect for my company and am being told that it looks like the 19th is still good for mine to be shipped...crossing fingers they aren't just blowing smoke.
Say.. wondering if anyone know if the Transformer Asus Prime will work with the same keyboard dock that currently designed for the regular Asus Transformer (TF101) ?
I believe that I had read that the Transformer Prime has its own keyboard dock, so no the current dock for the Transformer (TF101) will not work.
That is correct. I have seen a few video reviews and they are not forwards or backwards compatible.

The Prime is about 1/4" smaller in length and width and it is thinner so it would not have the support it needs in the old dock and would look silly because it is smaller. Not to mention different color.
Yes, I can confirm that. Our official accessory guide that was sent to us directly from ASUS shows that the dock is completely separate and will NOT be compatible with the Transformer Prime.