Loading movie files onto Kyros


Jan 31, 2011
Leaning more and more towards picking up the Kyros 7015. Quick question. If I am ripping movies from DVD's on my PC, to load them on the Kyros would I have to put them on the SD card and then pull them up on there or would I connect it to my PC via USB and load the movie file to the Kyros that way?
With a Kyros MID7015, you need MicroSD. However either one should work, however I'm not so sure about the movie format issues. I've never ripped a DVD myself, so it comes down to whether the actual file format is supported.
The MID7015 accepts up to 16GB microSD. What size are the movies you rip from DVD? What file formats?
Transfer via USB cable is possible, but I found it rather slow. When I backed up 3 GB of sdcard via USB to the PC it seemed to take hours. Maybe eject the card and write it using a card reader on the PC.
I just copied over two short videos - one avi, one mpeg - neither would play with default apps. VLC is months away but there are other apps to try. Anyone tried them?
I Transfered a DVD to An MP4 File and It works Fine on my Coby then I downloaded a movie from The internet in MP4 format and It also works Fine..I have the Movie On an SD card...I had connected my Coby to my TV via HDMI and both movies look great....
I myself, ever since having tried MPEG, with it's huge filesize - and the quality was just terrible on my old MP3 player (non-Android, 220x176) but - I tried .WMV, and I'm much more satisfied. :D

I'm not entirely sure about other formats, but I'm sure .AVI would work too. In fact I believe I've had 1 or 2 .avi's.

I've used the Stock Player and MVideoPlayer I think was the name. Be careful with the length, ripping and conversion process. I've tried to use MySpace Video to bring the Boondocks with me, and well it wasn't pretty, the video froze at a certain spot and I was surprised with a thankfully censored shot of Granddad dancing nude. I don't know if it was just the download, the format, the conversion, or the length. I haven't tried pushing my tablet when it worked to the limit.
The one I will be using is www.pavtube.com/dvd_ripper/

You can rip the DVD to different file formats. Our IT manager has this program and ripped a few and loaded them to a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I was thinking the card reader would probably be the fastest way to go. Being able to play movie files on the Kryos is probably the most important part of my purchasing decision.
So I tried again.
This time a short mpg that I recorded using a TV tuner card and MythTV. It played fine.
And a slide show with music I helped make, wmv file. It played fine.
They look pretty good.
I don't know which app is playing them. Doesn't look like the same controls as when a youtube clip is playing.
Thanks, jrsharp21, for this interesting thread.

To check out my answer, I just downloaded about a 1.6 gig .mp4 file (a little under 30 minutes of hi def--1024i--video) from my Ubuntu Linux laptop to the Coby via a usb cable connection. The .mp4 files play perfectly on whatever media player the Coby defaults to. The videos of my granddaughter doing gymnastics look very nice. They were taken on a Flip ultraHD camera. Mp4 appears to me, at least, as the file format to beat for videos.
I think the answer for jrsharp21 is that his software has enough options for formats that the Coby should work fine.
I found a mp4 file and it worked fine. 21.8MB for a little over three minutes.

But I tested some more to learn more about file transfer speed.
Using adb and push the file transfer was 84 seconds. Mounting as an external USB and using Nautilus the file transfer was flash and done, but I quickly told it to unmount and I had to wait about 30 seconds. So I learned that USB mount is far faster than debug/adb for file copy. Next I tried cp in a terminal. Flash and the copy was done. So I quickly told it to unmount the drive and it had me wait for about 5 seconds.
My conclusion is command line copy is faster than File Browser copy is faster than adb push. Like 5 seconds - 30 seconds - 80 seconds. I'll have to do some 1GB files and see what happens.

Did you notice how long the 1.6 GB file took to transfer? Did you use Nautilus?

Edit: tested some more with a 253MB folder from Coby to PC.
Command line: time cp -a ---> 34.4 seconds - - - like 2 min/GB
adb pull ---> 94.5 seconds --- like 6 min/GB
No easy clock for Nautilus (File Browser) copy --- looked faster than the command line though.

Wonder what was happening where when I had very long and slow file transfers. Only thing major I can think of being different was then I had Google Market and I don't now.
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Ridgeland wrote:

Did you notice how long the 1.6 GB file took to transfer? Did you use Nautilus?

The 1.6 GB file took just a minute or two to transfer from my Ubuntu laptop via USB cable to my Coby's 16 GB mini-sdcard, and, yes, on my Gnome (Ubuntu) machine, Nautilus is king. Thanks for the info. Make sure you have USB 2.0 everything, including the cable. Still studying the rest of your post ....
Awesome! Thanks guys for all the great info. I think I am sold on picking up a Kyros 2015 now. The price point of $140, the confirmation of the movie playing, and now that I watched the video on how to root it (doesn't look that difficult), I think I am going to make the leap at the end of the month. First I have to get the wife an iPad for her birthday and then I can pick up my much cheap toy and probably do better things with it. :)