Looing for a (duh) tablet!

Mr. Bob

Jan 17, 2011
Hi folks!

While in KMart yesterday I saw a few tablets and decided to try one out (no unboxing fee!). So I picked up a Coby Kyros 7015 which by most reviews I read after getting home with it seems to pretty decent. So far it's worked pretty well for me. However...

One of my big uses for it would be to watch Hulu and futuramaepisode, which do -not- work. Youtube works very well. It appears I will need at least a 2.2. What are my options for a simple, nice tablet? I don't play games at all (might give into Tetris) and don't care about any sort of fancy jazz. All I'll be doing on it is checking email, watching hulu/futurama/youtube/..., and doing some average internet browsing. I would like something the same size, any bigger and I might as well use the Toshiba NB 305 which I rather impulsively bought (and which a decent netbook would do all I need).

Thoughts? I am completely not a technical person. I paid 190 with tax for the Kyros, I would like to keep the replacement's cost around that.