looking at buying this but have questions.

looks like the zenithink zt-180. i'm seeing conflicting responses for the android 2.2 upgrade it seems like one hasn't been provided yet. i know that i've had to flash the rom to 1020 in order to get android market working on it
Not sure, but I think you will have this.
[video=metacafe;5295105/latest_10_2_epad_android_2_1_apad_hd_wifi_32gb_tab]http://www.************/watch/5295105/latest_10_2_epad_android_2_1_apad_hd_wifi_32gb_tab let_pc/[/video]
This is a ZT-180. It is an OK processor, but falsely advertised as a Cortex A8 initially. You will be fine for basic and intermediate tasks. Where it will likely stutter is on 1080 vids and High G-Motion games.
The way I am interpreting this is the box pic which shows the e-Pad symbol and the very vague specs. Otherwise, I have no idea.
I am not so sure you have the Elonex. The unit you reference is still Android 1.6 not 2.1 as the Ebay link and EPads have. There are many which look identical on the outside and different inside. The ZT-180 is one of the common CPUs in use. There are also RockChips and others chip base for the motherboard.
be very careful about choosing the elonex 700ET (I cannot vouch for the 1000ET but would still be wary).
Even though it is listed as an Android tablet, it cannot access android apps.
It can only access the very limited "Slideme" market which compared to the Android app market is useless.
The operating system is Android 1.6 mobile - but this is a tablet, not a phone, and it has no phone capability- which means you cannot download via SMS or any other normal means. It will not recognise mirror site links to download over the internet.
Elonex support (which I rang when I couldnt get Skype Android to work) said
"It won't work!"
"What about the Android Marketplace"
"No it won't work"
So there you have it. It will browse the internet, albeit slowly, and let you get emails. but don't think it will do much else or you will a tad disappointed. and don't be led in by the "Android" label - I can't really see how it can call itself that, unless you class it as an android phone trapped in a tablet body