Help Choosing a Tablet


Nov 30, 2010
Hi there,
I'm from the UK and I have a HTC Hero running a custom 2.1 rom (MoDaCo)
I'm looking at getting an android tablet for Christmas to replace my dying dell laptop.

It will need to support flash as I watch a lot of flash videos as part of my college course so I'm thinking it will need 2.2?
I also want to play some games like angry birds and hyper jump :)

I've spotted this:
10.2" Android 2.2 Tablet PC Telechip Free Delivery on eBid United Kingdom

and this:
WITS A81-E Andorid 2.2 7" Tablet with GPS apad UK STK on eBay (end time 07-Dec-10 13:53:28 GMT)

are they any good?
I'm looking to keep it sub £200-250.

any recommendations or advice will be greatly appreciated!



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Aug 6, 2010
Sorry would have responded, but missed your message. The TCC8902 is an acceptable Chip in the 10 inch but it is not going to have the same Factory and community support the A81 has. There are now two A81 units. The newer unit has a second USB port and G-Sensor. They have also fixed the GPS if you are inclined. I have the A81E (No G-Sensor) and am quite happy with the latest Firmware. There are also community firmwares that are very sophisticated as well. The only negative thing I can say about the A81 is that it is still a work in progress. Even the newer unit with the G-Sensor. is good but could be so much better.

I know the pain of VAT, so I would suggest the A81, but would recommend you seriously spend the slightly higher amount and look at the Archos 70. Featurewise and support it is a step above. But The A81 will be a solid unit and a tab I would prefer unless the 10 inch size is really your thing

The A81 and the 70 both have the Cortex A8 processor. This is a better processor for Android 2.2 than the TCC8902 on the 10 inch tab you show. But that is just my opinion


Dec 3, 2010
I believe the only one you are looking at with Android market is the Wits. Take a look at and see if what you want is there it is what Archos uses for the market. I don't know how important the market is for you, but this is what I have read.