lost my photos, and can't see my files when connected to pc


Jan 28, 2013
my Tablet as been weird. first off it's a acer a100, I have placed a 32G micro sd card in it since christmas, it has worked fine.

my first problem I had with it was when I tried to connected to my computer after I had moved, it only recognized it as a camera, I fixed it with a usb update from acer.com

now my big problem, the other day I noticed all my pictures were gone. this is viewing it from the tablet. plus not just the pictures I took but pictures I uploaded, that were in different albums, plus all the pictures of of book covers of the ebooks I have are gone... it's replaced with video movie play images. I took a 5 random pics, it created a album, then the next day took 2 random pics and it replaced the original 5 I had. like whats going on?????

next odd part, I hook it up to usb to pc , try to look at my files through the folders, each folder is empty , when I know there's stuff there, ex: my book folder, I know there's books in there, I can't see them through the pc but the books show up on my tablet.

how do I fix this and is it possible to recover my original old photos?

First, what OS is it using? Honeycomb or Icecream Sandwich?
Second, what file explorer are you using?

if you are using FILE MANAGER HD - get rid of it. FM causes file corruption and loss. Download another file explorer/manager.

Unfortunately, the damage is done and any attempt writing to the external SD will just write over the data in those location. Next time you experience expected data loss, SHUT DOWN the tablet fully (not sleep mode). Then boot the tablet up again, you should find the data there.