M001 1.74 Firmware


Aug 13, 2010
I had a problem which caused my new M001 Eken to crash when i put the wifi on, I contacted the company that sold it to me and they gave me new firmware 1.74 which has cured the problem and I have asked them if i can share the file with the community, they put the file in dropbox so have allowed me to share the file from my dropbox so have created a dropbox account and put the files up there with instructions how to do it.

Trouble is you have to create a dropbox account yourself to share the files so i have to send you an invite to your email address, you get the option to create an account from the email link.

So I can do that for anyone that wants the files (am not sure if the mod could allow me to upload the files here but doubt it as its a large zip file)

I will have to make a disclaimer here though to protect myself - it worked for me fine but if it doesn't work for you sorry can't do a thing about it so please back up your files - also you may loose some files - i lost a program (aldiko) but had backed it up so didn't loose it totally.

Hope this helps others struggling with the file.


Feb 9, 2011
I also just received mine although it is lightly used. So far it has crashed twice and I am not able to connect wifi. We have a secured connection and the settings just say out of range. I do not have a users manual (unable to find one) so seeking advice/help