Mac strikes again!


Dec 10, 2010
Just picked up a Gentouch78. But I think I'm missing a few things. No Youtube, browser wont load a lot of pages, a lot of apps don't work. I understand the "kinks" phase and hope it gets a little better with a few fixes.
I'm wondering if this thing is stuck at 2.1 for ever?
Will we ever get the actual Android Market?
How can I update to the most current version? Problem is, I'm using a Mac and I'm a little clueless.

I just need some info, I really don't want to go and buy another tablet. But I might have to.


Dec 7, 2010
The mac pad has no flash either, there is skyfire browser that will let you view some flash videos. What kind of pages are you having trouble loading? There are several different browser out there for android. I really think that we will be at 2.1 forever, but It does work relatively well. Do you have the newer Gentouch78 or the older, the new one has the screen rotation working and a 3.5mm phone jack? Will I'm at it there several different places for android apps ie Slideme, Appslib, getandriodstuff, and direct app download.