Maylong Universe™ Tablet M-150 Work-In-Progress no better than Gome Flytouch ePad


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Aug 4, 2010
I got mine and returned the same night. It was no different than my flytouch ePad the only difference is that the ePad can use (ipod/iphone/itouch/ipad 30-pin USB connector to PC while the maylong m-150 can't use it.


Full review here (not much you can review on it) the CPU is not what they claim it to be. I had that Verified by VIA Engineer in an email. I had gave him the site link for Maylong and he was shock to say that's a VIA WM8505 running at 300MHz. I got the stock showing 0 MHz and 174 B/MPOS It's 300MHz.

Well had I droved to Walgreen's at 8pm. I had asked to see the manager. He came out and told me he was glad that I had brought the shipping receipt paper work. First he told me that the shipping was non-refundable, I told him WG CS told me I could get it back. So my total was $109 with shipping, tax etc. He game back $111.26, told me they had charged me tax on shipping! He told me I can take that from you my shipping box. If you look at the box it looks like I never open it. There is trick I've learned years ago in retail. Works today. You just need wax paper and an small knife just lift up the tape tab and stuck the wax paper under it. Now if you don't want the product you just carefully remove the wax paper and TA DA! looks like you never open the box.!