"[MOD] Youtube 'Gingerbread' ported to Eclair" thanks to rolle3k


Dec 6, 2010
This is taken from

it will work with 2.0/2.1

Here are the step.
1) Use Root Explorer to delete system/app/youtube.apk (backup the file just in case)
2) Go to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications and uninstall com.google.youtube
3) Install the signed_YouTube.apk from link above (click it through Astro or File Manager)

>> Portrait and Landscape mode (I always wanted Portrait mode)
>> In Portrait mode, Info/Related Videos/Comments and Playing Video can be seen on same screen (In other words, a lot of function can be accessed without needing to go to a different screens)
>> Nothing yet (Too excited to share, so didnt have time to try everything out)
>> Youtube links, when click in browsers or others apps will not work. Receive force close prompt.

>> I am not taking credits for file
>> Do not delete data/data and data/dalvik-cache (as suggested from one of the user in the link) It will prompts lots of Force Close on many programs, my guessed was deleting data/data was the caused. Anyway, delete those folders are not needed
>> You need to enable R/W once in Root Explorer to delete files, Root Explorer required root (can root Universal Androot)
>> There are other ways to do this, this was the simplest for me
>> Use Titanium Backup to back up everything, that way you can revert if making mistakes (That's what I did when I deleted data/data and data/dalvik-cache
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Dec 19, 2010
I can not get com.google.youtube to uninstall. Any advise?

I couldn't uninstall it either. I just moved the old file out, put the new one in, renamed if to youtube.apk, clicked it to install and it works fine.

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