Modified build.prop to make your Sero appear as a first gen Nexus 7


Sep 8, 2013
I made some changes to the stock build.prop to trick the app store into thinking that the Sero 7 Pro is actually a first gen Nexus 7. This will fix issues with a lot of apps not showing up for us or showing "your device is not compatible" messages. I had purchased a lot of Gameloft games, for instance, that it would not let me install on the Sero, before I made these changes. I've been running this build.prop for over a month with no issues. If you are running an xboxexpert rom, you don't need this as he's already included it in his custom roms.

To install, you will need root and a root file explorer. You will need to go into the /system/ folder and set it to read/write. MAKE A BACKUP of your current build.prop., and rename it to build.prop.old. Copy the file from the attached zip into the /system/ folder, and reboot. That's it. Enjoy :)


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