My impressions of Momo8 Cortex Chinapad


Jan 17, 2011
I recently was given a chance to try out the Momo8 tablet. I'd like to post my impressions in case anyone has been looking at this tablet as a possible future purchase.

Here are the stats of this pad according to the site I got it from:

Model MOMO8 Tablet PC
CPU Rockchip 2918 Cortex-A8 Dual Core, 1GHz
Operation System Android 2.3
Nand Flash 8GB
Shell Material Plastic
Screen Size 8 Inch (4:3)
Type Capacitive Screen
Resolution 1024 x 768
Visible Angle 150°

All of this information seems to be accurate except for the fact I get some different Nand memory measurements. (Around the 4-5 gb range). Still it is a good amount of memory and I always use an SD card anyway. Let me begin my review:

First thing I'll say is that this is one of the best feeling tablets I've ever encountered. It has the solid feel of a more expensive tablet. Nothing loose or out of place. Nice square edges. Just an all around great feel. There are times the screen requires a second press to get action. Haven't quite figured that out yet. this A8 processor is blazing fast compared to the other tablets I've worked with. Plus it apparently has some kind of graphics accelerator installed.

I've had a Gpad G10 and a Eken m009 and this Momo's viewing angle is amazing compared to those. I can even see the screen from almost direct edge on viewing. Wireless is a bit spotty however. Sometimes it will lose the connection while not even leaving the same room. Battery life is pretty incredible though. I managed to use it on and off with only putting it into standby for the whole day the other day and still had nearly 60% battery when I got home. (And I left the wireless on by accident, so that's even more amazing to me). The only other problem I've found with my Momo is that the speaker is screwed up. For the brief moment it works it has clear, crisp, loud sound. But, usually it's completely dead. Headphones however are pretty amazing, clear, loud (so loud I've adjusted the sound well below the middle level.) Other things I've noticed are the cameras. The rear camera is amazing. Sure it's not a high quality 10mp it's only supposed to be a 3mp if I remember correctly. What really surprises me is that the front facing camera is supposed to be .3mp and yet I'm getting great, bright, good quality face shots. The only other issue I have discovered is that when you have it in landscape mode with the buttons on top, the lower right corner of the screen has some sensitivity issues when using an onscreen keyboard. Using a recalibration app fixes it for a while, but it goes back within a very short time. Ie: when pressing n and m I get spacebar. When I press m and backspace it registers as enter.

The capacitive screen is outstanding for tapping browser links. Very good reaction. Once in a while it's a tiny bit out of calibration though. The only screen calibration tool I've found so far that works is one that has you tap a calibrate button and then it calibrates itself. I'm not crazy about it and would like one that has you touch multiple spots on the screen and then calibrates on them.

As for the aforementioned weight, it isn't a light pad, but that's actually my preference. I like the fact it has a little extra durability to it. Somewhat thick, and kind of blocky if you get what I'm saying. I like the all around feel. It's just light enough that I can read for hours without really any additional strain.

All in all this is a durable, fast, really well designed pad with a few minor issues. Compared to the higher end pads I've used I think I'd rather save a couple hundred and get something that just works for what I want instead of getting some name brand that I'm paying for the name.

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Jan 17, 2011
You are making me want one. I found it for 249.00 with free shipping.

MOMO8 Android 2.3 Tablet PC 8 Inch HD Screen Rockchip 2918 HDMI 1080P 8GB

Is that a good buy?

The excellent viewing angle looks to be great ..probably an IPS screen.


Pandawill is cheaper at 219.99 and free shipping. (Though it's a lot faster if you use one of their other shipping options.)

According to people I've talked to it's not IPS, but it does have a great viewing angle. I don't think it has near the brightness of an IPS, at least in my opinion.