High End Tablet (Fast One) For Me - Can You Suggest?


Mar 16, 2011
Hi, i've been a fan of Android since I bought my Google Nexus One and use Froyo.

Now im looking for a tablet. I don't want an iPad since it's kinda too generic (always same layout since iPhone 3G) so Im looking for something "new and refreshing".

I am waiting for the newest tablets come out this year like Asus Eee Pad Transformer and Galaxy Tab 10.1. I wonder what do you think could be the best android tablet among all these? I don't want Galaxy Tab 10 to be honest since it seems doesnt have a mini USB port (or has it?)...i need a tablet that could have a USB port, very fine in durability, and can maximize android to its max (well i heard Xoom has terrible hardware)

Im actually set my sight at Asus Eee Transformer since it comes with an extra battery and keyboard dock, something that I think is a huge plus. Typing on on-screen keyboard reduce my effectiveness since I'm a very fast typer with real keyboard like that...but I wonder how good and durable asus hardware is?

And do you guys have any other recommendation like LG maybe or whatever? I need a good brand that use android honeycomb and at least have mini USB port...

Price won't matter much for me. I never give a damn when people compare price of iPad 2 with Xoom for instance. As long as it's not overpriced way too much, it's all fine.


Nov 21, 2010
I think the Asus Eee Pad looks good. Hope it comes out with Honeycomb. If you want something smaller, LG-Slate is good, as it is 8.9" rather than 10.1". Otherwise XOOM in a couple of weeks should be good (once they update so the miniUSB actually works)


Staff member
Feb 8, 2011
Well I'm kinda Biased but the Viewsonic G-tablet has the best hardware for the price currently. Has your USB port.

As for a tab with keyboard... I suggest getting a flexy Bluetooth keyboard. Compact and works with almost any device.