NatPC X210 Internal SD error


Junior Member
Apr 9, 2014
Hi guys, i've been trawling through the internet to try and find a solution for this but could not find one anywhere! I have a NatPC x210 10.1" 16gb Android Jellybean tablet and i have been experiencing some problems with the internal SD. Basically on a weekly basis i have had to factory reset my tablet, i will install all the updates and general apps i use such as Facebook, BBC Iplayer and a few games but when the tablet's battery dies (not in all cases) and i charge it and turn it back on all the installed apps are gone? The icons are there but when i tap them it will say "app is not installed" and then at this stage if i tried to install an app and move it to the internal SD it will say "couldn't move app" so at this stage i have to either erase my SD card or factory reset again. Literally having to do this again whilst typing this because it has done it again. The preinstalled apps stay as normal but it is becoming frustrating because this is now on a weekly basis! Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!