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Sep 8, 2010
Noob here. Got my tablet yesterday did the new patch with root. I loaded setcpu from the market and it recognizes root. I let setcpu figure out what device it was .But, it only allows me a top speed of 528. I know some are getting 660. I'm wondering how to achieve this? Also when the screen goes off and I turn it back on the device is unresponsive and the screen turns red then green for a second then the screen will become responsive. Seems very glitchy. Is there a way to fix this? Thanks!
Did you place the Setcpu text file that's on the Wiki on your sd card?.. it's what sets the spectrum of clock ranges...

ahh just re-read your post.. the issue is prob with you letting setcpu do it's own search for the device settings.. you have to use the custom settings... read the attached link it'll walk you through it..

and to get the set cpu to recognize the 660Mhz.. you'll need to edit the text file to reflect that frequency. other wise the max it reognize with the settings in the text file that's on the WIki is 600Mhz
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Editing the text file will not achieve the 660mhz sometimes. I bought a new GT when I cracked my last one,s screen, and I had 660mhz out of the box. After I did Linc's update, the scaling would not reach 660. I maybe wrong, but I believe the more recent built GT's scaling maybe set to 660mhz out of the factory. Then with Linc's V3 update, the scaling is changed back 600 max.
I use SetCPU it shows it at 660MHz the info in the SetCPU.txt is in the root of the SDcard and without that the darn software won't load.
Thank you guys so much for the help! I didnt have the setcpu.txt on the sd card. now its working amazingly... the lock screen problem went away also.. this is an excellent little tablet once tweaked properly. just wish it had a better touch screen.. but for 169.00 im not going to complain. Thanks again everyone!
Hey guys another quick question. I had 80 percent battery last night at about 1130 had airplane mode On and wifi off and it was dead this am. Is that normal?
Thanks guys!
I haven't tried leaving mine in "sleep" mode for any extended period of time. i.e. when I know that I'm done using it for a while I simply shut it down and leave it to charge up... Might be that sleep mode is not functioning properly... really don't want to test this one as I generally use mine in the morning and then at night as an ebook reader, and IIRC going from flat to full charge takes a while...
Thanks for your reply. I also noticed that my battery meter only goes to 99% never 100. Also Is the red light on the side suppose to turn green when fully charged?. Thanks again.
I have no green light as the manual states. Only red. Mine also suck power while in sleep mode. Little less if wifi is turned off. The device needs a suspend function to prolong the battery. Still think it's looking for a radio signal it doen't have the ability to get.
Not sure why it seems to never FULLY go suspended...

LED: Only have a RED LED in mine, must be on the PCB near the DC in port as I can see it through the USB port... always ON and RED when on AC...

Batt meter: mine goes to 100. Not sure which batt I've got (1500 or 2100 mAh) as I've never opened the case...

setCPU: well, change my setcpu.txt file so that max was 800000, and yeah after "sleeping" it, then re-activating I saw setCPU app flash by 660 a coupe of times, but it still read MAX: 600. Forgot to check against /proc/cpuinfo though... my guess is setCPU app bug though...
Use the powertool plus Android Info Sys it will give you more info about the battery. I use MySettings and set the brightness to 25%. Change time out from 1 minute to 10 minutes and Suspend timeout to never timeout. Under WiFi Buddy there is WiFi Sleep Policy and I set that to Never. Again these extra tools are in powertools There was glitch that AuGen used where the Airplane Mode and WiFi. You would need to turn on the Airplane Mode that would disable WiFi then use Gentouch78 Wireless to Enable. Thus increasing the battery life. But since mine is rooted now I don't need to to that again. Battery life is very good. I had my Gentouch78 on playing tunes from Pandora connected to DPII 5.1 surround system. Really sounded great! Screen goes blank after a while of none usage, but it kept on playing for several hours without a glitch.
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