Need suggestions for a device


Oct 18, 2010
Hey guys - I'm looking for a device and would love some suggestions!

I want something that I can use to stay organized - I gravitate towards taking notes and doing to-do lists by hand, but I lose them. What I want is a device that I can scrawl out notes and things by hand on.

-Stylus support
-Long battery life
-turns on fast
-Some way to email notes to myself
Honestly, I fall back on three questions I always ask
1. How much are you willing to pay?
2. How Technically adept are you? or How well can you do with fair to poor support?
3. What are you going to do with it beyond what you state?

Here are critical points for understanding
1. All of the lower price units are resistive touch which works well for stylus use. But some have imprecise digitizers. Some also have not very sensitive touch.
2. Battery life for you will be the crucial element. I would warn you there are many tablets out there which promise but do not deliver. The higher the Ma number the better, but beware if you buy one of the many clones
3. You will be wise to try before you buy, but many times that is not possible.

If you just need an organizer, the near PMP/PDA (Personal Media Player) size may be able to suit you. If you want E-Reader/Browser, I would lean towards a 7 inch size.
The sweet spot for reliable units seem to start above $150. But beware, that is not a generalization. There are some very unreliable due to vendor source with price tags of $200-250.
If you are just wanting to get your feet wet, I would look at what Tipstr recommends. He is the expert among us on the low power units which are inexpensive. Read some of his recommendations.
If you notice, I have not recommended any specific item. I dislike recommending something which may not totally fit your needs
Gurgle, thanks for the great reply! All very good thoughts.

To answer: I'm quite technically savvy and I tend to customize the heck out of my devices :D

What I'm missing is a device that lets me take notes by hand - I gravitate towards pen and paper but I tend to lose track of paper easily :) A larger screen is useful, and long battery life is a real concern. I've toyed with the idea of an e-reader of some sort even since I know some of them do have note-taking apps. As far as price, if I can find something that does this under 400 bucks its well worth it to me.