new to tablets but not to Droid os


Dec 28, 2010
Hi love my droid phone awaiting delivery of my first tablet. Went out on a limb and bought a samsung sspv210 writing table from link found here. First tablet that had EVERYTHING I wanted I.e. decent 1.3mg pix front facing camera that I will use with free gmail chat, wifi and 3 g capable, ARM Cortez dual processor, android 2.2 with flash, HDMI output so you can access internet video and play on my HD TV, can use finger or included stylis for input on screen so I can draw move to pc then print. I was going to buy a digital pen for drawing don't need to now. Its also a 8" screen which I really like, that extra inch makes a big difference, always! How am I going to use it? I'm a crafter and will use the stylus to draw custom images or stencils then transfer to my pc in a format that either Cuts A Lot or Make A Cut can read then cut with my Cricut. Have lots of uses to explore. I live in the country so having the ability to use 3G or wifi a must. Can't wait to get it took advise from this site and paid for faster shipping. You have to denote when buying itwhat type of electrical plug you want to get the US version. Hope this will all work as I hope. Genetal consensus I have resesrched said the Samsug Galaxy is better than the iphone certainly faster but it cost around $600. I paid $215. Too cool!!!!


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Sep 24, 2010
Welcome to the Forum, I would be really interested to see your results in doing the sketch transfer. You should also look into Sketchbook Mobile for your phone or tablet.