nextbook3 specs

I just purchased one from HSN. It has 2 Gig built-in, a gig of that is used for the OS and preloaded apps. Although I have not tried any SD cards larger than 8 gig but that is the largest card that it supports.

I have the NextBook2 that came with the g-sensor, Android 2.1, and the same amount of RAM as the Next3. Yesterday I installed a 16GB SDHC Class 6 SD card into both me and my wife's Next2 and they both accepted it and are working just fine.
For the first time (I am in my 50's) I watched HSN. They advertised what looked to be an incredible item. Nextbook. I paid $179.00 for it (marked down from $199.00). I was thrilled when it came, but had so much going on I had little time to play. I did notice the battery would only last maybe an hour or so before dying after charging all night. It's been about two months (too long to return it) and I've discovered just how this lacks in all areas. Now I do the research? I also purchased the extended warranty.

It will not allow me to open any apps I download from their site. Any ideas? I really hate to buy another tablet so soon after wasting $200.00...

I failed to mention this is Nextbook 1. Cannot find any information on this one.

I've learned an expensive lession. Don't be too impulsive like can be very expensive.