Ni Hao, From Shenzhen.


Jul 28, 2010
Hello, my name is John a client recently told me about this forum so I though I could come here and shed some light on some of the mysteries of the Chinese Android Tablets. Recently I have moved to Shenzhen where I am working with two of my former exchange students selling some of the andriod tablets and other electronics from china to various parts of the world. So if any of you have questions regarding pretty much any of the devices out of china I would be more than happy to get some information.


Nov 13, 2010
Hi boujer,
i was there only 2 weeks ago,
i bought my pad in front of SEG Electronics
I don't know what model i have! It's like the haipad M1001, but mine has also a camera! (on the left)
Chatting with haipad support in msn they said that is not a their model, because they didn't do it with a camera...
Can u help me to understand who is the manufacturer? So i can contact and try to ask if i can follow the same procedures of other pad for updating and modding.

Thankyou in advance. :)