No ADB Interface


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Aug 24, 2015
I have just purchased a Proscan PLT9604(K-512-8GB). When trying to connect to my pc it comes up as "can't find ADB Interface" I have checked out multiple forums and cannot find this file. Oh, don't get me wrong, there's lots of help out there, but nothing that I can just download and get the one file.
Also, I tried connecting the tablet through wireless to get at the files, hopefully try to download my files wirelessly, but that won't work either. I picked up the IP address through wireless settings. I hope I'm looking at the correct IP address. Any help would be appreciated, or this tablet will be returned.


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Dec 27, 2011
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You won't be able to access the tablet over the WiFi network like you would with a PC on the other end but there are lots of apps that will allow you to access the files over the network. My favorite is AirDroid. Also check out WiFi File Explorer. More info in the link in my signature.