Noob here - just bought a Kyros...


Nov 26, 2010
Hello everyone I'm a total noob to the android world and I just bought a Coby Kyros this morning from K-Mart for $139.99.

The tablet is a gift for my wife and after being under the Apple spell for some time I've decided to buy something other than an iPad. I was ready to buy an iPad yesterday but then I saw an ad for the Kyros and decided to give it a try.

I opened it and only used it for about 45min. before putting it all back together for Xmas, and all I can say is that it's totally worth the $139 price tag(black Friday - originally $179 - and yes even the original price)

Great response from the touch screen. Quick loading times for all the used applications. Internet response was fast and on-point. All in all a great piece of equipment for such a cheap price.

Once Xmas comes around, and I have more test time, I'll do a better write-up if anybody wants.