noob of all noobs ... trying to resurrect a droid tablet that was left behind


Feb 8, 2011
I have a droid tablet that was abandoned. I have no idea what brand or model it is. No identifying markings on the case. When I turn it on there is a splash screen with some lovely butterfly art. Then it boots up directly into the browser. I can't get to the desktop or home screen or whatever it's called.

The browser has a "web page not available" notification on it. Well duh ... it can't work because there is no way for me to connect the thing to my wireless network. When I hit the home icon on the browser I get this message:

"This version of LauncherPro has expired. Please go to LauncherPro « to get the latest version."

Of course I can't do that because I have no internet connectivity on the pad. I plugged it into my pc and got it to mount as a drive. I can see and access the folders etc.

Can somebody tell me how to get out of the browser so I can set up the wifi connection and see what's what with this thing? Thanks.
The first thing to do is to tell us what the heck it is

Pictures, and a description of how you obtained it would be good