Noob Questions


Junior Member
Apr 22, 2017
I'm looking at a v80 plus as a cheap alternative to take on a trip. I've been interested in these tabs since I saw the v820 last year but didn't pull the trigger due to lack of knowledge of the brand. Now I have to make a quick decision and I don't have time to do a lot of research.

I would just like to ask if there is anything I should know about these tabs before getting one. Especially with regard to the software, there are versions with dual boot which are cheaper. I'm assuming the lower cost is because two operating system's take up more memory, and not because the windows is a pirated copy or some type dodgy set up like that.

Also, I've seen quite a few threads of these China brand tablets (not necessarily this brand or model), not being able to rung google play. Is there a reason for this? I'v skimmed through a few posts and it seems they are licence related but I don't know much about that stuff. If there is a workaround, i probably would not know how to do it so that's a real dealbreaker for me.

I will be buying one from a store where I can check it before I buy. Sorry for the noob questions but I've done a few quick searches without any definitive answers and I might not have time to do more before I need to make the purchase. I really would prefer to get this over the Samsung I'm looking at which costs more but has half the specs.