Nook app for android on rooted nook color


Jul 20, 2011

I have a rooted nook color B&N firmware 1.2 and I have installed the Nook app for android on it since my wife would like to be able to login to her account to without wiping and re registering the device.

I got the app to install but it will not run. When I tap the app it just dumps back to the home screen.

Has anyone had any experience getting this configuration to work?

Sometimes that happens with apps. You usually need to clear their data or chache. If you have Titanium Backup try going to the app then wipe data and relaunch.
I was having the same issues, after I loaded some books from my pc to the nook. It wouldn't allow me to access the new books, so I uninstalled it for the time being and switched to Aldiko.