Nook Color Contacts - data transfer from WM phone and display of all fields - SOLVED!


Feb 3, 2011
Like many of you I have been struggling with the poor Contacts app in the Nook Color. I had successfully synced with Gmail and have tried various other Contact viewing apps. I ultimately wanted to get data from my Windows Mobile phone into the NC.

SPB Migration Tool provides a simple way to get all of the detailed Contact information from your Windows Mobile phone and load it into the Nook Color. You can then view the data with Softwyer's Contact View and Contact Lookup apps.

I selected the Galaxy Tab as the target device and used an SDCARD to do the transfer. You start things on the NC by running SPB's app. It prepares the card to accept data. You move the card to the phone and run a Windows Mobile program that has been written to the card. The program extracts all the Contact, bookmark, and text message data from the phone and writes it to a file on the card. You then move the card back to the NC and the app reads in the data. Super simple and it only took about 10 minutes. They also have a web-based option in the app that I didn't test -- handy for phones that don't accept a microsd card.

Softwyre's Contact Lookup app will index and search every bit of data in your contacts so you can find people or companies by typing in just a few characters. It works from their View program or when you are addressing an email. I have over 1800 contacts and it instantly finds someone based on a bit of info in the Notes field, email address, phone number, company, etc. I bought the Contact Lookup Fast version.

Display a Contact's address on Google Maps - done!
Find a Contact using the Google search box widget - done!

Happy, Happy!!!! :D
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