Office Essential Apps I need from Android


Sep 6, 2010
I am new to the Android scene. I was wondering what I would use on a tablet (once I have one) for Office type stuff like

Word documents
Databases that I write

any thoughts?
Hi I Just tried Documents to Go on my Haipad 701-R and they charged me and it down loaded but would not install. It looked really good too. Would have liked to have it work. I too need something like that, but it appears to be only for phones.
Documents to Go is exactly what you want and describe. Unfortunately just like Microsoft Office, the newest version may not be compatible with earlier (read 1.5 and 1.6) versions of Android. You can find and d/load older versions which you can try before you buy. Otherwise verify at the Documents to Go will work with the Android version. Remember there are only four versions of Android. 1.5, 1.6, 2.1 and 2.2 right now. Any other number is the firmware build number.

That is my recommendation.
If downloads get stuck, restart the tablet and get back into market. Seems to fix it on some devices...

Docs to go works fine on Android tablets. The download issue is just the Market getting messed up on your non Google certified Android tablet.
I use Documents To Go Full version on both my S7 and my Vibrant, and have had no problems. However it does not have a database module. If anyone knows of one please post it.
The database program i have used on other platforms was DDH's HanDBase. I really like it. They have a version for Android. Has anyone tried it?
I loved using it on my Palm T5 back in the day.
Some other suggestions: ThinkFree, OfficeSuite, PolarisOffice + Docs to go and QuickOffice, mentioned above. Compare the features and prices,
I use HandBase and have for since it came out for Android. Works very well; however, it does not play well with Android's habit and method of working with available memory and back-ground applications. It works well on my Acer500 and the Evo.