Pandigital Novel 4GB


Jan 18, 2011
What is 'rooting' a device? I have read a lot of posts about rooting the device and it appears it is a way to gain 'administrator rights' on the device as on a pc. Could someone help me with this? Also, I am still trying to find out what android version is on the Pan Novel model that I have. I tried to download an android utility (.apk file) that would possibly have provided the info but the download failed on the novel. I really need to know what android operating system is on the novel before I try to install any .apk applications anyway.:confused:


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Nov 26, 2010
divinci: 'rooting a device' (in regards to Android) simply means that you are able to access the actual operating system. Just as you said as "administrator rights" on a Windows machine. Works in the same way. A default install of Android doesn't allow you to access to main kernel of the device, for security reasons. Once you 'root' the device you are able to do anything you want, for better or worse.

To be able to install .apk files (apps) on the Pandigital Novel, you will have to root your device with firmware, which are available in this category.