PDF and audio/sound


Nov 11, 2010
In advance I would like to know if the following is possible (How it works with Windows 7):

We have a PDF-document (20pages) with links to a lot of audiofiles (mp3, PDF created with Acrobat Pro - NOT embedded in PDF). The audiofiles (mp3) are in a separate folder. We provide the whole thing for our students via download in a zip-file. The students extract the zip-file. Then there will be a new folder (inside the PDF-document and a folder with audiofiles). The students open the PDF and can klick on coloured words to listen to the audio (the word spoken).

In the next couple of days we will have an Android Tablet (Archos 101, 2.2 froyo). We would like to know what we have to do to make the audios work on the tablet/Android as well.

Thanks in advance
Unfortunately, that capability is not integrated yet in Acrobat for Android. You are not the first to ask about this capability. From what I have understand, it is the embedded calls that fail. The workaround I have heard is have an external folder to the PDF and the links are matched to the folder. but the folder link structure must match the file/folder structure.
This likely will be available in a future release. This will likely require Froyo or Gingerbread for the capability.
Hello gurgle,
thank you.
First, the soundfiles are not embedded. We just created in Acrobat Pro the linkpath to the audiofiles. The mp3s are already in an extra folder. The folder (mp3 files) lays at the same directory as the PDF (Windows). What we do not know is, will this linkpath work. And how do we get the hole stuff on our tablet? Dropbox?
Best wishes
OK, the answer will take some experimentation and you will need to create a new but separate Linux/android compatible folder model. The order I would suggest is:
1. Decide where you want to place the files. I would suggest using the Flash card
2. Place the files on the flashcard from your PC
3. Use one of the explorers that mimic a Linux file explorer.
4. Start from the location and write down the folder name in linux file folder logic, go up one level until you reach the root folder level .../sdcard/training/sound/file2.wav
5. Then replace that in place of your Microsoft location logic in the PDF link. Create the new PDF with the said link. Install and test