Please help me choose. It's just so difficult.................

Again, most of these tablets can use external 3g with a dongle. I know ployer can so I presume asus & acer can too. Maybe goto their forum pages & try to read any posts concerning 3 g but I would be very surprised if they can't use a dongle for 3g at least. Some do have built in 3g. Maybe look pn ebayfor 3g built in tablet pc & see which models are listed. Research is veryimportant to find what you want. But I had an old wm8650 froyo £40 from ebay & if they can use dongle then surely new ones can. Are you reading through specifications thoroughly? It is one of the more basic requirements for most tablet users.

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The asus transformer has a 3g model, but at a huge markup. I prefer the transformer prime, but they require rooting to use a dongle.
has anyone used a dongle with the onda VI40 pr the gemei g9 ?
What is.battery life like on these?
Yes you can use dongle on them & momo ll I checked & it says external 3g in specs

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Gemei I think might have internal same as mine

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I was almost sold on the cube, until I saw no hdmi.
Then the onda, until I saw battery life.
I really need long battery life as we travel quite a lot.
Anyone got a suggestion?
5_7 hrs constant heavy use is about the norm for tablets. Even ipads only last 1/2 hrs more with heavy use, if you set up right you can double this with light use. You need to be looking ar battery size around 6600mah upwards, not sure about ondas but I think momo ll is bigger than this as is the yuandao. As a rule most look at battery life by size what is said on sites isn't a guarantee.

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I think I'm seriously leaning towards the mcpad n90.
Am I right in saying that as it's dual core it'll handle video playback better than say the onda vi40?
Problem is the mcpad is only may preorder for release in may.
But when in may?
That's the million dollar question mid may is supposed to be available but I've heard that before! If you can wait it sounds good & if it is dual core it'll probably have the edge in performance. I doubt if video will be that noticeable but games probably will. I said before most tabs can cope well enough with most things, but games will get better & that will be its advantage I think. If you're not bothered about games then the onda or any tab with high screen resolution at least 1ghz cpu & 1gb ddr will be good enough for your needs. I checked. & I think all tabs mentioned support external 3g , gemei has built in bluetooth but its the only one other than the sanei n90 I have that I could find this size. Again most will have ext support but check before buying if that is the case.

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Well i took your advice and ordered a ployer momo 11 from redtabletpc. I ordered it last week friday. It was shipped via dhl on monday. As the shipping time to the uk is 3-5 days I should have had it today at the latest.
I wasn't sent a tracking number so have been trying all week on the live chat to find out where my package is. I kept. Getting told that dhl weren't responding to them. Today I finally get a tracking number and guess where my package is? Still in hong kong!
terrible Customer service
I had no trouble at all with dhl, tracked it from hk to frankfurt/heathrow/east mids then delivery. I don't think this is redtablets fault but its bad for dhl, I just hope you're happy with your tablet. There seem to be quite a few owners on the forum now but there is also a forum called slatedroid which gives a lot of asistance aswell. Worth looking at if you have any issues you can't get solved here. They have updates for my tab which is less well known.

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