Problem flashing m701


Sep 28, 2010
I'm having the exact same issue as above, but not really sure where to go with this.. have tried many permutations of 2.10 and 2.13 (am on windows 7, 32bit) and have had no luck... at this point, I have a "white screen of death" on my device... When I try to flash it, i usually get the error like:

[ERROR] "C:\blah blah\tcc8900_mtd.img" CRC ERROR - Target CRC = 0xD546978C / File CRC = 0x258FBD9F

Can someone walk me through the normal step by step process to get back on track here?
The way haipad has us update is ridiculous but at least they come out with updates so that is awesome. I can't help you guys worth fwdn but I can give you a suggestion try and root your device with z4root because I believe that won't root the 4gb devices and then that way you will know what device you have for sure.

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The error you get looks like you use a 'HY' rom on a old 2GB model or the other way round. (i could check the CRC error code by flashing a HY rom onto my pad but would love not to flash my pad right now '^^)
Try downloading firmware from here:
the latest 'non HY' irmwares are from 2010/11/30 and 2010/11/18.
Firmware for the 4GB HY models all have the 'HY' in the description.
hmm i guess 5 to 10 minutes with the wrong image.
and the process bar seemed to stop for long periodes too.
Thats what happens to me. You know I bricked my IMITO IM7S (not even the screen turns on) but I managed to make FWDN detect it, it will format it, it will upload the lk.rom to it, the img but when the crc checks begins it will take forever and fwdn seems to be freezed (and I have to keep power button pressed in order to keep it connected to the usb because if I release it the USB connection breaks)..

I guess I got the wrong .rom file or img :(