Problem with my tablet


Jan 4, 2011
Hello all, forgive me and my newness. I got this tablet for Christmas and am slowly working through tweaking it. But I am running into some issues and am hoping someone or anyone can help me.

1) I uploaded the 2.2 update and lost my screen rotate button, How can I fix that?
2) I really would like to play games on, but it keeps telling me that I need to download the latest version of Java, thought I have done that but still no games.
3) and finally the last of the biggies I am unable to watch Flash videos even with flash 10.1 d/l into the sd cards root directory.

Any advice is really needed and appreciated


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Jun 30, 2010
what tablet do you have exactly?

but to answer your questions in general oyu can install rotate d to rotate your screen, and for flash it needs to be installed on your device not just placed on your sdcard. have you installed it? if you have and its still not working try the flash files from this thread the java thing is interesting but the easiest answer is find those games somewhere else


Dec 26, 2010
go to your settings...

click on sound and Display

then uncheck "Switch Orientation when rotating device.

Then exit setting that should get you going.


Dec 6, 2010
If you have the sylvania tablet, you're still running android 2.1, which does not have flash capability. Flash comes with Froyo, Android 2.2, which (unless i'm missing something) has not been released yet. They said sometime this month it should be coming i believe.

As for the screen rotate, go into your settings--->display, and uncheck auto screen rotate. The button should show up again.


Jan 4, 2011
Ok again Thanks for the help to date. Rotation issue seems to be resolved.....(Stupid button pushing..).

And as for the Flash issue, I read somewhere, that you only needed to place the apk file in the root directory of the SD card and install from there. Which is what I did. so I have adobe 10.1 on the tablet and it appears in my application list, but some sites still end up saying I need the latest flash player. But I can wait if I have to, hopefully not too much longer.

But the Java issue would be nice if I could solve that....Any ideas?