Problem with the internet browser with APAD E-7001


Aug 11, 2010
I have a problem with the browser, not only with the one that comes with it ,, also with the SKYFIRE, suddenly a window opens and it says that it has to be closed. Somebody knows something about it???????
Some of the firmwares just have this issue. The first thing I would try is to update to one of the latest firmwares.

I am currently running the RogerBraun 6 firmware for the aPad, but there are a couple of different ones out there with slightly different features.
if you dont feel comfortable trying what joshua.lyon suggested (even though i agree with him) you can always try other browsers that might work better on your firmware like opera mini or dolphin or even bolt, there are a lot of options out there just keep looking around
Mine has same problem, can't browse pass google, market or Facebook is fine but as soon as going to other sites, it's just gone. what could be the proble.. router?need serious help..anyone knows?