Problems downloading apps for iRobot


Jan 2, 2011
My boyfriend bought me an iRobot for Christmas and I am having problems downloading apps for it. I go to the App Store and log-in but when I search for the app for Facebook or eBay, it cannot find them. If I go to eBay and try to download from there it says I do not have permission to view the page! Can anyone help me?

i have similar problems, when i go to the app market i get a message "it appears you have lost your internet connection" cant sort mine and think ive been ripped off!!
im beginning to hate the sight of it tbh!!
well you need android market to get some of the apps unless somebody sends you the right ".apk" file. as a suggestion try reflashing the rom software
Somebody has suggested that I download Kindle App. Google. I will try later and see how I get on. Rather frustrating as there's no mention in the instructions about having to download an app to enable app downloads!!! Also, the thing has very poor battery life, is slow on the internet and the screen is rather glitchy.

I'm with you Wes, firing the iRobot up seems like more hassle than just switching on my laptop and my boyfriend bought it for me to make life easier!