Query on connecting tablet to TV using HDMI

Jul 8, 2012
I'm relatively new to the world of android tablet and facing trouble in connecting my tablet with LCD TV on HDMI. I followed the instructions in my manual and my problem is as below:
1. Set TV to HDMI mode.
2. Connected TV HDMI port with that of the tablet.
3. Change the display setting in tab to HDMI - this is where I have the trouble since the Display settings does not have any option named HDMI neither does any other option under the Settings screen. Only in the tab's player named Vortex player is an option to play in HDMI, which when set plays the video on TV. However other than playing videos through this specific player the Tablet <-> TV communication does not seem to happen. So I'm not able to play games or watch pictures on my TV. To add to further dismay the vortex player is incapable of displaying subtitles. While other players like MX and BSPlayer which I installed have this capability there is no option in them to stream content to HDMI as in Vortex. So I'm stuck.

When I contacted technical support, they said that when my tab is connected to HDMI with TV I should see a prompt on my tab to select display mode which I unfortunately do not see. They were evidently inexperienced on the matter and suggested me to download a software (http://www.pantel.in/Download/Software/IS703C1GB.zip) and follow the instructions to install it. I tried to follow the instructions by hard resetting the tab connecting to PC and installing the file with no knowledge of this software (Vortexflash.exe) which displays prompts in Chinese. But that did not help my cause either. The details of my tab are as below:

Name: Penta T-Pad IS703C (T-Pad IS703C With BSNL)
Manufacturer: Pantel
Android: 4.0.3
Kernel: 3.0.8
Build Number: fj_vortex-userdebug 4.0.3 IML74K eng.zjd1.20120413.113558 test-keys

The android version, kernel and build number have all remained the same both before and after trying to install the software. Request suggestions and solutions regarding this problem. Thanks in advance!!


Sep 17, 2012
Hi Optimus,

I have the exact same issue with my Pantel IS703C and figuring out a way to be able to connect it with my HDTV. Please let me know if you stumble on any breaking news or discoveries.