RDP Resolution vs Zoom


Junior Member
Aug 4, 2014
Bought a Galaxy Note Pro and want to be able to RDP to a terminal server. My problem is that when I connect the resolution is way too high, looks like it uses the native tablet resolution (2560x1600). I have all sorts of desktop but everything is so small it's unusable.

I couldn't find a way to change the resolution in the free MS "RD Client" app so I downloaded "2X Client" app. On that one I can specify a resolution, but then it only uses part of the screen (and everything is still small). I can zoom in, but this isn't an ideal solution. Is what I'm trying possible? I really wanted to use a tablet instead of getting a laptop.

I want to be able to set it to something like 1024X768 and have it zoom in and use the full screen automatically. Do I need to try a pay version of an RDP app for better functionality?

I found a similar thread from 3 years ago but there was never really a solution that I saw.