Review for the RS9 + Good & Bad news from the Market- Must read

Jul 17, 2010
There are a few good and some very bad products out this week plus some insider news on how buyers are getting scammed on the new android tablet rush.

First the Good News
1) A new Tablet called RS9-PAD – the market calls it MID9 or a708 (something like that) has been released. Its got a sleek new look and design, good quality speakers and based on the Via Arm 8505 CPU with 256 Mb Ram with webcam/wifi/Ethernet etc. The LCD is quite good quality and the response time is also pretty nice. This is again aimed at the budget customer.
2) The RS1-PAD or the APAD/iRobot/iWeb with the ROCKCIP 2808 is still the best choice for a powerful and feature rich android tablet.
3) RS10-PAD or the ePAD in Silver only- if there is a black one then it’s a inferior copy- well the spoof factory is making them in silver too- so really hard to make out.

Now the Bad News
1) Suppliers /factories are modifying the ePAD and other tablets with inferior batteries/LCD etc passing it out to unsuspecting buyers – that’s why some sellers will sell so cheap – even I cannot believe – check out ebay/ alibaba and you will know.
2) Most of the sellers are not giving the true configuration and misleading buyers with wrong details.
3) The RS1-PAD or the APAD/iRobot/iWeb has a spoof in the market and the buyers are being taken for a ride by many suppliers of eBay and alibaba L
4) The m001/m002/moo3 are not worth buying any more as the quality is shocking
5) Just because it says 8” does not mean its better- I have seen the 8” and have refused to touch it- let alone sell.

There is a factory making an exact copy of the RS1-PAD or APAD/iRobot/iWeb as you guys know it with ROCKCHIP 2808 CPU.

Its a low quality product and the manufacturer is getting rid of all his stock at a amazing low price because the product is effective.

Many eBay sellers are picking it up and passing it to the public and making a quick buck.

How to know.
It’s got a green charge light.
It comes with a driver CD

Please note that the Original product does not come with a driver or a English manual – (I supply the English user guide), I m not trying to sell- just letting you knows know the truth.

Suppliers are modifying tablets with lower quality batteries that will either heat up can even burst; it’s a huge risk plus half the run time.
Some are even brave enough to sell a 128MB RAM tablet as 256MB RAM and to the innocent buyer it make no difference because for them its just a little slower.

How t o know
- Check the LCD- it will have a little yellow tinge when compared to the original product.
- The Battery will not hold charge for long – can only know when used L

That’s the market wrap from Sam, the digitalandroid man J

Note: I am not an expert or not an authority on these products (well no one is actually) but I am trying to clear some cloud so that you guys get the real picture.
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Jul 3, 2010
Thanks for the update Sam, I'm sure most of the members on here are like me, itching to buy an android tablet and in the heat of the moment it's easy to purchase something that seems to good to be true. I was really hoping to get a tablet before the end of the summer but it looks like the better tablets will be showing up later this fall.