Revised Gentouch 78?


Dec 7, 2010
Ok, I picked up this tablet from CDR Electronics two days ago, mostly because I saw it was running Android 2.1. I have a Archos 7ht Android 1.5 and tired of finding things I could not run. I didn't know anything about it so I started to look for info. I thought I had made a huge mistake when I looked at all the negative things said about this tablet and Augen. Come to find out this thing is pretty cool, it does have a working accelerometer, it does have a 3.5mm ear phone jack, I can load things directly onto the sd card using my computer without any mods or patches, plays movies (MP4) great no lag or stutters. I really don't care about the resistive screen, I like using a stylus anyway, less finger prints. I use the large stylus from the ds-xl and it works great. Anyway still playing with it and will post more.
Maybe you can do a backupof your firmware with the clockworks recovery and post it so we can try it on the older units to get the accelerometer to work?
Go to the thread labeled "Nothing seems to work" I pulled the entire system via adb, zipped it up and posted for all that would want it. It is the newest augen software and I also included a tweaked framework for eye appeal. Just adb push and you should be good. Also all my apps are in there so if you don't want them just don't push the app folder.

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That is correct, the framework-res.apk

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