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Aug 12, 2010

  • 1. The Augen Gentouch is very easy to navigate the internet. From saved bookmarks to zoom. It has everything you need to browse the web.
  • 2. Youtube quality and navigation is surprising simple. Searching for videos, posting comments and uploading your own videos are all relatively straight forward and is almost on the same level as the iPhone/iPad version of the app.
  • 3. Google Maps is very useful on the rich 7 inch screen. Directions to street view are all possible and work without fault.
  • 4. The case is nice and sturdy and is held on by magnets.
  • 5. Decodes MP3, OGG Vorbis, WMA and WAV files competently.
  • 6. Can view pictures very good.
  • 7. The stylus can be removed from a hole in the back of the device.
  • 8. The WiFi works well, with limited testing. Re-enables quickly after sleep/power-on and supports WPA2/AES using a DD-WRT WAP.
  • 9. MP4 iPod Touch encoded videos (using Handbrake) play smoothly on the device. Even 4:3 full screen MP4s that the PDN has issues with.

Some of these problems can be fixed with future firmware updates/patch files. Please look further down the wiki for more info.

  • 1. NO HDMI - where the hdmi port is there is solid plastic. If you remove the back and look, there is nothing soldered on the board in that location.
  • 2. You cant control the volume of youtube. In order to control Youtube volume, you have to go all the way towards system settings and control system volume.(will fixed in future)
  • 3. There is no Accelerometer so playing racing games is useless.
  • 4. The micro sd card slot is not properly aligned with the device so that taking out/putting is micro sd cards is a pain in the butt.
  • 5. The headphone port is size 2.5mm where typical headphones are 3.5mm/1/8", so you would have to get a adapter to get it to work.
  • 6.The android marketplace cannot download apps because it hangs there when downloading.(will fixed in future)
  • 7. Some people had reports of a faulty/crappy speaker. However I found mine to be just fine, however I found a simple fix to it. Just restart your device if your speaker craps out.
  • 8.It is very hard to get a proper factory reset done.(will fixed in future)
  • 9.You cannot connect a mouse/keyboard/flash drive/hardrive to the Augen even instruction manual says it does(will fixed in future)
  • 10. Skype is useless since the device doesnt have a microphone, it can only be used to chat/text.
  • 11. Cannot get it to play .AVI video files or MKV files.
  • 12. Does not have volume control for music.(same thing with youtube)(will fixed in future)
  • 13. Cannot download/view files through default web browser. Dolphin browser can download.
  • 14. The device is slightly warm to the touch, when running on battery, When running on AC power, it is very warm to the touch (like the bottom of a laptop).
  • 15. Once an application changes the orientation to portait mode (such as ACV), the device stays that way even after closing the app. To fix, you need to go back into the application and re-rotate to correct. Also, the notification bar does not work in portrait mode.
  • 16. Brightness levels seem to be stuck in on/off only, no in-between. This is very noticeable in apps like Aldiko where you might want to tweak the night mode when reading - it doesn't work.(will fixed in future)
  • 17. Mac Address is same for every unit. 00:03:7F:0E:A2:19. Can't have more than one on a network.
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Aug 4, 2010
#1 Item circled in red is for the HDMI

#11 part of that info is incorrect, it can Play AVI files. I haven't tested MKv.


Jul 6, 2010
i am FAR from an android expert, but the 1st thing i did before i patched anything, was go to you tube

no problems

now i dont live there, but i have a few items i follow and they all played

then i went to and (this i for my wife) everything seemed to play ok.

sigh, now i wish i had buought 2


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Aug 4, 2010
In this video 3a shows you to play AVI on shared folders have to be transfered to microSDHC then it will play AVI

Youtube videos play fine
In the video MP4 won't load but if you put on the card manually then they'll play.
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