[ROM][5.1.1] AOSP-5.1.1 / CM-12.1 for Lenovo a2109 (20160901)

Feb 7, 2017
Well, for one thing, if your usb port is almost broken you have one big issue already. A bootloop like that, I mean, just like that, out of nowhere, should certainly not be possible. Anyway. Can you still boot to cwm? If so, that's good. Be sure not to do a factory reset (yet) and try to reinstall cm-12.1? If I'm correct, the installer will format system automatically. Also erase cache as well as dalvik cache. Then try to boot.

Problem is - if something on the data partition went wrong, then you have a bigger problem, because if you also reformat data, then where will you load your installation from, if not adb? Perhaps you can put the installer on an sdcard, boot to cwm, do a full factory reset from there, format data, system, and cache (you'll lose all your data) and then reinstall. But the real problem might be the internal memory. Then again, if it goes okay, you should be able to get a replacement usb board from ebay. Installing it is not difficult.

Good luck!

That depends on your comfort and familiarity with electronics, but for the most part, it is a pretty simple process. You really only need a small Phillips driver and perhaps a small prying tool to help unseat the board with the camera and top switches. Hardest part is getting the back plate off! Take your time with it, and make sure you carefully remove the ribbon connectors and battery cable, and remember where everything goes. Take pictures if you aren't sure. I've dismantled mine a few times, and I'm about to do it again to replace the touch digitizer.