Rose4uKY Says Hi And Needs Some Information


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Aug 1, 2010
I just joined here and I would like to get an Android tablet sometime soon also. I don't need it I have a laptop but I love gadgets.Someone at work showed me there I-Pad last week but I love Android. I have an old Archos i'm gonna try to sell and maybe use that money towards one of these. I just got the new EVO 4G cellphone from Sprint and it's my 1st Android phone and I love it. It has a 4.3 inch screen and I heard Android 2.2 Froyo is coming out for it on August 3rd I can't wait. But I googled Android tablets and found this site here. One tablet I forget which one now said wifi a/b it didn't even say G. But I do know I would like a 10.2 inch capacitive screen and wigi G at least but I saw where one had N. My phone has a 1ghz snapdragon processor. I would like a camera too for video chat. One tablet said it was bluetooth also. I wish there was a list of about 5 or 6 different ones where we could compare specs. I just heard about these the other day while surfing the web I came across the one K-Mart is selling. I am sure by fall there will be more out but for now which seems like the best one out there that you can get with the best specs? I just can't remember which ones had which specs and I think the Cruz tablet one sounds nice but it's only a 7 inch screen but comes with 4 gig on board and a 8 gig card.
welcome to android and good choice on the evo 4g and i know this is a tablet forum but i might as well tell you now that you should definitely root your phone, if you dont know what root means it basically giving you administrator access to your phone like being an administrator on your computer and its super easy How To: Root the HTC Evo 4G (Unrevoked Method) | TheUnlockr and your right 2.2 is coming out soon but if you root you can install 2.2 right now but if you wait for the official update then install that you are going to have to wait for someone to root 2.2 on the evo and it might not take that long or it might take way long. now your phone can already do video chat but i do think getting a tablet with a camera is a good idea and techninjas list is a great one. if you would like to know some good places to buy tablets check out this thread so that is like a crash course in all things android but i hope it helps you