[Rumor] Android 4.2 and Motorola Nexus Phone Called Occam Show Up in AnTuTu Benchmark


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Jan 5, 2011

Do you remember those rumors at the beginning of this year suggesting that Google would be offering a Nexus program to include all the manufacturers? This latest rumor seems to point to that as a larger probability now, and it comes with some pretty thrilling news. Apparently, a new Motorola device called the Occam has just shown up in some AnTuTu benchmarks sporting Android 4.2. What is even more significant about this, beyond just the new Moto phone and Google OS, is that Google only releases new operating systems with Nexus devices. Now, we already are fairly certain that LG will be coming out with a Nexus variant of the Optimus G and it will supposedly ship with Android 4.2. If you read between the lines and connect the dots, it certainly seems like this new Occam will be a Nexus device as well.

Interestingly, there is also a second Moto phone running a custom version of Jelly Bean called the Manta that showed up in these same AnTuTu benchmarks. How exciting does a Motorola Nexus phone sound? Of course, this rumor seems to also validate some of the other ones regarding a new version of Android, which is exciting regardless of which brand phone you have.

(BTW... ya gotta love the name, even if this is made up and bogus, the name of the phone references Occam's Razor, which neatly fits with Moto's devices.)

Thanks to our tipsters!

Source: TheAndroidSoul