[Rumor] Google May Team with HTC for 8-Inch Nexus Tablet; Could Be Google's Last


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Jan 5, 2011

We've actually heard both of these rumors before, but this is supposedly "supply chain" intel which corroborates them. According to this newest report, Google is still considering teaming up with HTC on the next Android Tablet, which may be an 8-inch device. The second part of this rumor suggests that Google is considering eliminating the Nexus line of Android tablets altogether after this device.

There are two reasons cited why Google is considering going with HTC instead of Asus for the next Nexus tablet. First...

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Feb 6, 2014
Why it could be the last NEXUS Android tablet by google?

I hope it won't be there last Android tablet for lots of reasons....


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Nov 8, 2011
I hope the rumor is true, Google ran the Nexus into the ground, with their usual stupidity, if they truly scrap the nexus line, Google can then start releasing good tablets, instead of the choked down nexus line, hopefully Google fires the CEO, of that department and hires a real CEO, that understands technology. As rich as Google is, there is no excuse for such tablets as the nexus line, Hopefully Google really has got a clue and scraps this line, I can't wait to see them releasing a tablet worth buying. I will be in the market next year, Google drops the Nexus and releases a good tablet, I would also be a Google customer.

Getting my hopes up, most likely wont help, Google will probably continue with the nexus line, to see how low they can go, til people just stops buying it.


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Dec 12, 2012
It seems Google bigwigs at Nexus are blaming laziness and lack of initiative at ASUS for their own shortcomings in providing leadership during the development of the Nexus brand. Hopefully, collaboration with HTC will be more productive.