SD card and ROM questions for Nook Color


May 3, 2013
I bought a used Nook Color already rooted on ebay. It has CyanogenMod 10-20121216-UNOFFICIAL and ParanoidAndroid 2.99 installed. Aren't those both ROMs? How do they work together? Do either of them need to be updated and how do I find out?

I'm planning on buying a Sandisk 32GB card on Amazon. Should I get the Class 4 or 10? I plan on storing mostly books and music, maybe some video to it. Price difference is only $5.

Do I need a B&N account? Are they still updating the software?

Welcome jrstark2. Yes, CyanogenMod 10 and ParanoidAndroid are both ROMs. You can only use one at a time by booting into it. There are several ways to accomplish this including making a dual boot on the internal drive, dual boot on an sd card or one ROM on the hard drive and one on the SD card. Unless you plan on using both or experimenting to see which you like better there is no reason to have two ROMs. The number 20121216 in the CM name is the date December 16, 2012. If PA is from around the same time both will have updates available. CyanogenMod Downloads and [ROM] AOSPA ParanoidAndroid 3.15 (4.2.2) - xda-developers

If the difference in the cards is only $5 go for the class 10.

You don't need a B&N account. They are updating software for the newer Nooks and have just released Google Play Store for the Nooks. Over all though you are better off going with a custom ROM.